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X-Rite 918 Tristimulus Reflection Colorimeter Excellent condition xrite 918

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Product Description

X-Rite 918 Tristimulus Reflection Colorimetero.

Excellent Functional condition- Rarely used, mostly stored in factory bag, fully tested with new NiCad batteries - No battery compartment corrosion,
Excellent Cosmetic Condition - Clean shoe & target window - No stains, etc.

Bundle Includes:

  • X-rite 918 densitometer.
  • X-rite 918 power supply.
  • X-rite 918 operation manual on CD.
  • X-rite 918 reflection Tile reference.
  • X-rite 918 Carring Bag. "Not in the photo".
  • 6 new Ni-Cad batteries, same oem make/model
  •   For use outside USA, it will come with Power Supply 50/60Hz , 110-240V.

The X-Rite 918 is a tristimulus reflection colorimeter with spectral responsefunctions directly  proportional to the CIE color matching functions x ,  y ,  and  z.   The 918 uses a 0° illumination angle and a 45° viewing angle for measuring precise areas of printed matter and other glossy surfaces.   A 1.7mm, 3.4mm, or6.8mm aperture is available.

Twenty four different reference values (Ref 01 - Ref 24) can be entered into the918 manually (numerically) or by measuring a reference sample. The exceptions arethat the reference values for L*C*h, Whiteness, and Yellowness can only be entered by measurement. During reference entry all color spaces are automatically updated when a change has been made in one of them..

The store data feature allows the unit to store up to two thousand measurements for transferring to a printer or computer (via RS232) at a later time. The averaging feature allows the unit to make several measurements from the same and/or different locations on a sample or reference. This will allow for a better overall average of a color.You can also enter in twenty four different hitching posts (Hit 01 - Hit 24).Hitching posts allow the colorimeter to be adjusted to measure a sample the same as a different colorimeter or spectrophotometer.The 918 functions best as a color difference meter. By entering in your reference(by measurement or numerically), the 918 will indicate the amount of difference between the reference and the measured sample.

The colorimeter is powered by six AA rechargeable batteries, or by the AC adaptor/charger provided. Additionally, the unit retains calibration and reference values when the unit turns off, or if the Ni-Cad batteries are discharged.
A lithium battery stores calibration data and measured values when primary rechargeable batteries are depleted or removed.


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