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X-Rite Coloreye XTH Gretag MacBeth Colorimeter Spectrodensitometer geometrics d/8° sphere geometrics

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Product Description

X-Rite COLOREYE XTH Gretag Macbeth Colorimeter Spectrodensitometer,

Used Few times , Basically New.

ColorEye XTH portable Colorimeter Measuring geometrics d/8° sphere geometrics

X-RITE'S ColorEye XTH is a handheld spectrophotometer that is highly durable and very efficient in providing measurements in all shapes and sizes.

The ColorEye XTH is a particularly small and light spectrometer with sphere geometry, it weights much less than one kilogramm. Because of that it is especially recommended, if you have to measure difficult to reach places. If the measured surface is not flat, but bent, it provides no problem for the Color Eye XTH. The target foot is removeable and the unique measurement technology records the color date from three-dimensional surfaces.
For the automatic use the device can be installed on robots in production lines. In this context th measuring time of only one second is worth mentioning, which is almost as twice as fast as other portable colorimeter. This is feasible due to the built-in xenon flash lamp. The measuring range is 360 to 750 mm, there are two aperture sizes available: 5 and 10 mm.

Light and handy colorimeter for mobile and automatic use, Absolute accuracy, Xenon impulse light source for 2 million measurements, Gloss measurement 60°, Delivery with 2 different apertures, because of a PC access it can be used with color measuring software

* Bundle Include.
X-Rite XTH Unit.
X-Rite XTH Calibration Plaque.
X-Rite XTH Interface Data Cable.
X-Rite XTH 2x Target Window.
X-Rite XTH Software & Manual On CD.
X-RIte XTH Power Supply. 
X-Rite XTH Carrying strap.
X-Rite XTH New Battery.
Measuring Geometry: d/8° sphere geometrics
Target Window/Measurement Area: 10/5 | 5/2 mm
Standard Observers: 2°/10°
Spectral Range: 360 - 750 nm
Spectral Interval: 10 nm
Inter-Instrument Agreement: 0,15 dE
Repeatability: typical 0.05 ΔE CIELAB / max. 0.10 ΔE CIELAB
Illuminant Types: A, CWF(F2), TL83, C, F7, TL84, D50, F11, TL85, D55, SPL D50, U30, D65, SPL D65, D75, SPL D75
Color Spaces: CIE 94, CMC, XYZ, xy, CIELCH, FMC-II, CIELAB Lab
Storage Capacity: 400 standards with tolerances
Measurement Range: alternatively 0 - 120% or 0 - 200% reflectance
Measuring Time: < 1 sec.
Measurements per Charge: 3000 - 4000
Data Interface: RS-232, USB with opt. adapter

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