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X-Rite DTP34 QUICKCAL Densitometer
Comes from a very clean professional work environment that closed down.

X-RiteColor® DTP34 QuickCal Densitometer is a color measurement instrument that reports densitometric and dot data. The instrument is designed to calibrate color output devices including large format printers, proofers, and digitally connected color copiers. X-RiteColor® DTP34 QuickCal Densitometer is a “drop-in” replacement for the X-Rite DTP32 instrument. This manual covers the installation, calibration and maintenance of the X-RiteColor DTP34 QuickCal Densitometer. Specific instructions for using the instrument with your third-party software program can be found in the third-party software documentation.  As the DTP34 QuickCal Densitometer is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the DTP32 Automatic Strip Reading Densitometer, reflection versions, it will by default report itself as a DTP32.  Most existing software packages will reference a DTP32 in their connection menu while newer software may use DTP34.  


            This auction include the following
            X-Rite DTP34 
            X-Rite DTP34 CD Manual 
            X-Rite DTP34 Power Supply
            X-Rite DTP34 Interface Cables
            X-Rite DTP34 Color Management Software.

Instrument Specifications - Preliminary
Measurement Geometry
·  Reflection: 0°/45° per ANSI/NAPM 2.17 and ANSI/ISO 5-4
·  Multi-sensor array
Measurement Area·  2 mm x 4 mm, 2 mm in the direction of travel. Instrument must set on sample for accurate measurement.
Light Source ·  Gas pressure @ 2850°K·  Lamp file, approx. 1,000,000 scans @ 11” (279.4 mm)
Receiver·  Blue enhanced silicon photo diodes
Sample Characteristics
·  Patch Size: .400” (10.16 mm) min. in direction of travel by .350” (9 mm) min. wide. 1 mm wide 1.0D contrast space between
patches or .5D min difference between patches.
Measurement Rate·  >6” (>154mm)/sec maximum controlled by operator.
System Response·  ANSI/ISO Status T
Output·  Density, +Dot, -Dot, or Reflectance. Output has x10 capability.
Measurement Range·  0.00D to 2.50D absolute
Linearity·  ±0.02D or ±2%, 0 to 2.5D
Repeatability·  ±0.01D, 0 to 2.5D
Inter Instrument Agreement·  ±0.02D or 2%, 0 to 2.5D
Zero Stability·  ±0.01D max
I/O Connection·  DB9 socket and USB (future)
Data Interface
·  Interface: RS-232 with baud rates from 1200 to 19.2k
·  Protocol: RCI commands
Power Requirements·  +12v @ 700 mA
Environmental·  Operating range: +10°C (50°F) to 35°C (104°F); 30% to 60% RH
·  Interface Cable
·  AC Adapter (P/N SE30-87)
Optional Accessories
·  Mac Serial Adapter (P/N SE108-DB9PA-01)
·  25 Pin Serial Adapter (P/N SE08-231-01)
·  Line Cords
For the most recent list of supporting third-party software, see X-RiteColor Enabled Partner literature item L11-031A and L11-031B, or visit
            Full Support at X-Rite web Site : http://www.xrite.com/documents/literature/en/L11-044_DTP34_en.pdf

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