7x LOMO Spherical Standard Speed T2.1 Prime Lens Set PL-Mount LOMOS CINE MODDED


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7x LOMO Spherical Standard Speed T2.1 Prime Lens Set PL-Mount LOMOS CINE MODDED
100% Fully Functional
Clean and ready to use! (may contain some scratches but doesn't effect picture quality)

There is nothing quite like the LOMO Spherical Standard Speeds. They have a similar color rendition to Cooke's with a slightly dreamy look.

Test Footage (Shot on Sony F55): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jMdr0altC9SLXxfJSGd3Z6E344WNXe0Q/view?usp=sharing INCLUDED - LOMO Spherical 18mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 22mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 28mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 35mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 40mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 50mm T2.2 PL Mount - LOMO Spherical 75mm T2.2 PL Mount - Pelican Hard Case Most of not all of them were made in the 1980’s so they inherit a mixture of modern and ultra vintage sensibilities. Characteristics: Wide open T2.2 These lenses have a subtle softness wide open. This creates a subtlety diffused looking image, helps sling look softer and glow a little. however, fine details are still visible, and the slightest addition of contrast in post can sharpen the image back up if needed. The image is softer, but doesn’t drastically change the character of the lens from shooting T4. Stopped down T3: Nicely sharp on while still maintaining shallow DoF. Stopped down T8: Very sharp and contrast picks up quite a bit. Bokeh: Some of the most unique bokeh, there is a glassy feel, and objects in the background rerun a bit more detail, so it is possible to make out what is in the background even when fully out of focus. the 75mm bokeh is some of the most ideal beautiful bokeh imaginable from a vintage lens Flare: The flare is interesting, because without light hitting the lens, they can get quite clear and contrasty. But with a nice soft light hitting the lens from an angle they milk out with a creamy haze reminiscent of Cooke Speed Panchros. When a hard light pings the lens more directly, a brilliant rainbow burst can appear, creating a stunning and uncommon lens flare visual. Color: Lomo’s are vintage, but surprisingly, they are saturated and rather neutral looking, so there is not tint, but the colors pop. Very surprising for vintage glass.