Gregtag Macbeth D188 Densitometer GretagMacbeth X-Rite


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Excellent condition & clean  Unlikely to find a better condition unit.

Bundle Include.
           Gretag Macbeth D188
           Gretag Macbeth D188 Calibration Card.
           Gretag Macbeth D188 Manual on CD 
           Gretag Macbeth D188 Power Supply


This revolutionary hand held  reflection densitometer that has become the industry standard. 
This unit allows precise measurements that is critical to your work.
Easy to use. Intuitive menus make this instrument user friendly.


Robotic measuring head extends to target then retracts into the main body. 
High resolution easy to read graphic display. This instrument can be equipped with additional selectable functions. Different filter sets and measuring apertures available.

Most important: the ease of use with control wheel and measuring button. All the commands and measuring results are shown on the big graphic display: In plain text and easily to understand.

For highest precision and exact measuring: extendable measuring head, automatic color detection, display reversal, ring lens system

Documentation and quality control: Direct connection of a printer and storage of up to 32 measured values for reference.
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