X-Rite MA68II Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer metallic & pearlescent paint finish


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X-Rite MA68II Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer for Measuring Metallic and Pearlescent Paint Finshes.

The X-Rite MA68II multi-angle spectrophotometer is designed for measuring color on metallic and pearlescent paint finishes. The instrument incorporates a single light source and five fixed—aspecular—viewing angles (15°, 25°, 45°, 75°, and 110°).

To ensure measurement accuracy, the MA68II also includes a two read switch triggering mechanism. This allows a measurement to be taken only after the spectrophotometer has been properly positioned. 

Excellent Condition - clean - No battery corrosion, No loose power jack, No cracks, etc. Unlikely to find a better condition unit - tested.
Bundle Include.
X-Rite MA 68II Sectrophotometer
X-Rite MA 68II Manual on CD.
X-Rite MA 68II Power Supply.
X-Rite MA 68II Calibration White Tile.
X-Rite MA 68II Calibration Dark Light Trap.
X-Rite MA 68II Carrying Strap.
X-Rite MA 68II Carrying Hard Padded Case .
For outside USA, it will come with Power Supply 50/60Hz , 110-240V.


The MA68II has seven colorimetric systems (absolute and difference) that can be selected when displaying measurement data. Each momentary depression of

“Key #2” will page through: L*a*b*, L*C*h°, Flop Index (FI), Δ L*a*b*, Δ L*C*H*, Delta FI, and Δ E (CIELAB, CMC, Ep6175, Ee6175, or Ec6175). 

 The MA68II has sixteen illuminant/observer combinations that can be selected. Any illuminant/observer can be selected after a measurement to view the values under different conditions.

 Full Support is available at X-Rite web Site 
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