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X-Rite NGHXRX20 eXact Basic Plus (NGH-XRX20) Spectrodensitometer used few time.

X-eXact-Basic Plus
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Product Description

Sku # Exact-BasicPlus-2

X-Rite NGHXRX20 eXact Basic Plus (NGH-XRX20) Spectrodensitometer Used Few Time almost NEW.

X-Rite eXact Basic Plus A Single Platform to Meet Your eXact Needs 

The X-Rite eXact redefines color management by providing a simple, user-friendly way to quickly monitor color on-press. No matter what you're measuring, you can be assured that the eXact will provide you with unrivaled accuracy so that you can be sure your measurements are correct, and with all of the options available, you'll be able to find a variant that meets your eXact needs X-Rite eXact Basic Plus: For CMYK operations that want a set of traditional tools as well as the ability 
Bundle Include.: 
* eXact Basic Plus Spectrophotometer.
* eXact Basic Plus Ducking/Charging Station.
* eXact Basic Plus Manual & Utility Software.
* eXact Basic Plus USB Data Cable. 
* eXact Basic Plus Power Supply.
* eXact Basic Plus Carrying Bag.


With eXact’s BestMatch function, it's possible to keep ink colors on target even before color shifts are visible. Using only a single click, operators can see density information as well as recommendations for adjustment of ink to achieve the best match throughout the press run. If that wasn't enough, X-Rite raised the bar by integrating multiple Pantone libraries so that you can easily ensure the spot colors you measure are accurate.

Quicker Than Ever Before (and Easier Too!)

Use eXact to quickly measure and understand color and status relative to standards. The eXact allows operators to manage and understand expectations at press, and know what is—and what is not—achievable. With an integrated calibration tile built in, you can ensure optimum measurement accuracy at all times.

Integrate Your Entire Color Network

The eXact provides many tools to aid in achieving color. When used with NetProfiler 3, the eXact can manage and monitor color performance on an enterprise level. Combined with X-Rite’s Color iQC Print, InkFormulation and PantoneLIVE™, eXact enables the validation and management of specified color across a variety of printing technologies.

Print to eXact Specifications and Standards

eXact supports all of the leading print specifications, including ISO, JPMA, G7, and PSO, allowing printing and converting businesses to monitor color processes. The integrated color touch-screen interface is highly flexible, easy to use, and quickly communicates color information, speeding up production time and lessening skills needed on press.What could be easier—or more eXact—than that?

eXactly What You Need

eXact is capable of positioning key elements in the order most likely to be needed by individual users, including press operators and operations managers, giving users instant access to the tools they need, often in a single click, via a color GUI. This improves operator productivity, removes opportunity for human error, and results in increased color accuracy. Refine your workflow and decrease you turn-around time with the push of a button.

In a Nutshell, What eXactly Does it Offer?

•    An intuitive color touch-screen display that simplifies device operation.

•    A range of product configurations that scale to meet business needs.

•    Color pass/fail reporting against industry standards, including ISO, JPMA, G7 and PSO.

•    Enhanced device capabilities through the use of Color iQC Print, PantoneLIVE, InkFormulation and/or NetProfiler.

•    Un-tethered calibration, specification and data capturing

•    Embedded Pantone libraries for access to industry-leading color reference standards.

•    Expanded on-device storage, allowing job presets and color libraries to be saved and ready for use.

BestMatch integrates multiple Pantone libraries or custom colors, offering a fast, easy way to accurately measure ink colors throughout the press run, with recommendations for density and other adjustments.

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